Art reflection

Visual art reflection

I learnt :

-How to make
Paper scrolls

-how to create a pic collage

– how to make cultural mask

I think art is:

– good because it
Helps with visualising
For English

-Very fun because
You get to make
Really awesome things
Like paint mask,pic collage
And paper scrolls

I enjoyed:

-The art show because we got to show
Everyone our work

– The cultural masks were so fun to paint

-paper scrolls were so fun
Because you could make
Any thing

– I enjoyed the clay models
Because we got to try and shape them

My group worked:

– my group worked
Really well we all took turns
On making the one project

Term 3 Art reflection


I learnt

1.  how to make collages

2. how to make clay models 

3. how to paint clay

I enjoyed 

1.making the pieces of art


My group worked great by working as a team and sharing

Think Art is  fun because We get to do a lot of creative work

NEXT TERM I WILL Try to get all my work done in the time limit that we have.

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