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One day there was a girl called Tyla.Tyla was lovely she always loved school every morning she would wake up and get ready straight away and she would always arrive at school early or on time.the teachers always gave her great grades she was like a teachers pet.but there was one problem her best friend summer always gets her into trouble of they both get in trouble.her parents thought summer was a bad influence but tyla didn’t listen to her parents.last week tyla and summer got in trouble for playing in the toilets during class and yesterday they got in trouble for unwrapping the toilet paper all over the floor and then wet all the toilet paper then it was all soggy and gross the cleaners stayed the night just picking the toilet paper up.they had detention for the hole lunch.

When tyla went home the school called her parents.then her parents at talk to her about if summer is distracting her from her school work.the next day her mum and dad went to talk to her teacher miss Aquilina about her school work and how she’s going.”hi miss Aquilina”
“Hello” “is tyla up to the level that she needs to be” ” yes she is excellent she is almost up to grade six work .she is even higher than one of the other grade six’s .

When Tyla’s mum came to pick her up summer followed Tyla to the car and said to Tyla’s mum can I come to your house it is the weekend can I please come over please please please “uhhhhh okay fine “I will tell my mum to drop me of at 6:00 see ya then.

Tyla’s mum really didn’t want summer to come over but she didn’t really want to be mean so Tyla’s mum let her.four hours later ‘knock knock’ hello summer did you bring everything
Yes .cool say good buy to your mum so that we can go what do you want to do you. Let’s see ummmm do you have monopoly.yes I do.can we play it ‘sure’ lets go.


Leaping lizards Zoe jumped out of bed and ran straight to her mum and dad’s bedroom. ‘Daddy daddy it’s Easter has the Easter bunny came yet. zoes dad said ‘I think we might of forgot in about Easter’ then Zoe ran of crying.her mum went on the computer and typed up Easter egg hunts she thought it wouldn’t of been two late she found a Easter egg in the Werribee zoo it was at lunch time. Zoe’s parents bought tickets to the Easter egg hunt

Zoe’s parents told Zoe about the hunt she was really exited that she could go.
Zoe got ready and jumped in to the car.

They finally made it to the zoo they each got a map the map just had some
Clues to help find the eggs.everybody was lined up and ready with there baskets .the man said on your marks get set go.every body zoomed there was eggs you could you could see but the others you had to find




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  1. Dear Zion,

    I really enjoyed reading your Big Write story. I hope you continue to publish these often. I like how you have included paragraphs in your writing. Just remember to proof read you work and include capital letters at the start of sentences.
    Keep up your great work.

    From Fiona

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