performing arts reflection

What I have learnt :

-I have learnt a lot
About the country
Czech Republic
For my heritage
Project .

-I have learnt a lot of dance
Routines for Olsc got
Talent .

-I learnt different games
During performing arts
Like zap,space jump,
Musical statues

-I have also learnt different
Dance moves

-I have also learnt
How to work in big groups
And act out things on the spot

What I have enjoyed most :

-I have enjoyed my OLSC
Project because we
Got to perform in
Front of our group

-I have enjoyed my
Heritage project because
I learnt a lot about the
Country I researched about

-I have enjoyed all of
The games we played
My favourite game
We played was contact glue

– I have enjoyed working
In different groups

-I have enjoyed performing arts because
We get to act,sing and dance

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